2008 ● Founded by Ningbo Weirui General Manager, Mr. Cheng Hung-LIN and his business partners with
   excellent experiences and expertise of over 30 years Taiwan screw and barrel manufacturing
   technology. In additionto screw and barrel products, Ningbo Weirui's consistent expansion into
   precision assembly parts manufacturing for global injection machinery manufacturer has further
   value-add both party's productivity to stay ahead in today's cost competitive global markets.
2010 ● Approved supplier for Husky Injection Molding China for the machinery precision parts.
2011 ● Set up the Electroplating Plant.
2012 ● Certified as global preferred supplier by Husky Injection Molding Global ( Canada ).
● Moved to new factory with an in-house 1-stop integrated manufacturing facility from r&d, design, heat
   treatment and precision machining production.
2013 ● Certification of ISO 9001-2008 is in progress.